y-x=15 y-x=5 using elimination

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    No solution

    Step-by-step explanation:

    To eliminate is to get rid of one of the variables.

    You can choose to either add each term in the equations or subtract each term in the equation.

    For a variable to be eliminated, there must one pair that have the same constant with it. Each equation already has the same constant with a variable.

    Try adding them.

    .     y - x = 15

    +    y - x = 5

    2y - 2x = 20   No variables were eliminated.

    Try subtracting.

    .     y - x = 15

    -     y - x = 5

    0y - 0x  = 10   All variables were eliminated.

    .         0 = 10     This is false.

    This system of equations cannot be solved.

    Graphically, these two lines would have the same slope and are parallel. The solution to a system is same as the point of intersection. Parallel lines never meet, never intersect, therefore there is no solution.