To little sisters were anting over an orangte, "Give it to me, I want this orange, it's mine" shouted the list . "And I want this
orange too, I need t ht now," cried the other . The mother came in to the kitchen, took a knife and cut the oranje in two halves
She wave each little girl one hall. The first til peeled her ball, threw away the skin, and are the inside. The second till also peeled
her half of the orange, but threw away the inside, and put the skin aside to dry. She wanted to make some Jam out of the orange
In this scenario the mother forced the sisters to compromise. She assumed that both sisters wanted the same thing for the same
reason. What should the mom locus on to improve her family relationships?
a family members should listen
Tamily members should trust each other
family members have different needs
family members should be flexible

1 Answer

  • In the given case, the mother should initially listen the needs of her family members.


    The given excerpt is a opinion based question.

    It has been given that both the sisters are fighting for an orange and the mother cut the orange into two halves and gave each to both of the sisters. Now, one girl peeled the orange and threw away the pulp and the other peeled the orange and threw away the peel.

    Here, the mother should have asked what both of her kids exactly wanted.

    In such cases, she has to identify exactly what the children want before taking any steps by spending some time talking with each of them. Listening to the needs would avoid many problems in the family.

    So, the ultimate solution is listening to the family members would avert many problems and maintain harmony.