What happens in the circled area? creation of crust process of subduction formation of volcanoes occurrence of earthquakes

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  • Answer: ¬†Subduction zone - The zone in the Earth's crust where the lithospheric plate with the oceanic crust, rolling under another continental crust plate, is called subduction.


    Earthquakes fall into three categories, namely shallow, medium and deep. Deep earthquakes occur at depths of 300 to 730 kilometers below the Earth's crust, which are the locations of the hypocenter  in the so-called subduction.At the time of an earthquake, Earth's energy is released. It is constantly released, but until the earthquake, it recedes at the moment when rock, rock and earth's crust burst due to overvoltage.

    Magma is a species a rock that has a much lower density than the others, so this is the cause of its penetration towards the surface. There are many molten masses in the ground and the most striking example is magma, which exits on the surface in the form of lava. If magma does not have any obstacle to the surface, it will appear in the form of lava.

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    The answer is D - occurrence of earthquakes