Which cell structure do nutrients pass through to enter a cell?

2 Answer

  • All eukaryotic cells have a cell surface membrane (aka plasma membrane). It is very fragile. its role is to hold the cell together and to help control what substances can get in and out. (It is partially permeable) allowing only some substances to pass through it.
  • The statement describes the cell structure in which nutrients pass through to enter a cell is "cell membrane"

    What is cell structure?

    The cell structure is made up of three parts: the cell membrane, the nucleus, and the cytoplasm, which is located between the two.

    A plasma membrane, also known as the cell membrane, offers shielding for the cell. It also maintains a constant environment within the cell, and the membrane serves a variety of purposes. The first is to move nutrients into the cell, and the second is to transport harmful chemicals out.

    Hence the correct answer is "cell membrane."

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