Based on text 1, what is one argument against the use of daylight saving time? Why haven’t proposals to end daylight savings time worked in most states?

1 Answer

  • The argument against the use of daylight saving time is that it can make people sick because of the lack of sleep of the people and the change in the diet habits of the people.


    The day light saving time which is also known as the "Summer time" in some countries is to make better use of the day light during the summer season in the country. In this system, the clocks are changed to move an hour of day light from the morning to the evening time. All the countries have different dates of using this system in their own countries.

    But there are certain disadvantages also of this day light saving time system. Because of the increase in the day light, there are certain cases of deprivation of sleep for the people and there are also changes in the habit of eating of the people. This can make the people fall ill and can some times lead to the accidents on the road because of the deprivation of sleep.