Your servant begs leave to say that Buddhism is no more than a cult of the barbarian peoples, which
spread to China in the time of the Latter Han Dynasty. It did not exist here in ancient times. Now Buddha
was a man of the barbarians who did not speak the language of China and wore clothes of a different
fashion. His sayings did not concern the ways of our ancient kings, nor did his manner of dress conform
to their laws. He understood neither the duties that bind ruler and subject nor the affections of father and
Source: Han Yu, "Memorial on the Bone of the Buddha,"819 CE
1. The author of document 1 most likely followed the principles of
a. Legalism
b. Daoism
c. Confucianism
d. Hinduism
Who knows the answer

1 Answer

  • a. Legalism


    • The legalism was represented by statesmen and reformers from the period before the establishment of the Qin Dynasty.
    • Unlike Confucianism, who favored moral standards in governing the state, legalism thought it better to govern the state through law.
    • The most famous representatives of legalism are: Li Kui, Shang Yang and Han Fei.

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