Is this a good thesis statement for my essay?

The Earth has many life-threatening problems caused by humans. One of these problems is the over-consumption of water. If we knew that overusing water caused this, perhaps we would be able to come up with solutions and take action to stop this problem. On average, every American uses 140-170 gallons of water daily. This is an issue that needs to be brought to light because it is caused mainly by humans, we can lessen the problem by conserving water, and there are already possible solutions in place.

1 Answer

  • In general you want to be a bit more concise in forming a thesis statement. Usually you should shoot for between 1 and 2 sentences summarizing your argument in a concise way so that it is easily understandable to the reader. I would take what you have written and look for your main argument and try and put that in 1 to 2 sentences.