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Imperialism Essay

Imperialism is the taking over of one’s country for the conquest of territory. This is a way to show power to other countries and expand your country’s spheres of influence. In return, the people of the taken over country pledge allegiance to the motherland and do whatever the mother country wants in return for next to no benefits. Imperialism is a foul system used as a way to show power at the expense of smaller countries. The Age of Imperialism is an age of large countries getting more power and small countries losing all the power they had. Imperialism causes good for one country with major problems for another.

Imperialism is good for the mother country in many ways. In Confessions of Faith, Cecil Rhodes tells of how great the Brits are and how he does good involving themselves with other countries due to the increase of Britans around the world. An African Proverb tells of how the Britains gained land from Africa and other countries. In a political cartoon, mother countries were able to get free resources from conquered countries. Imperialism helped the mother country with many problems.

Imperialism is harmful to the conquered countries in as many ways as it is good for the mother country. The smaller countries get land taken away from them as shown in an African Proverb. The Proverb states that the larger countries took their land in exchange for more complex religion. In a political cartoon, it is shown that the mother country is laboring the conquered countries while they do no work. In An Anthology of West African Verse, a boy says his family was killed by the conquerors while he was forced to serve the conquerors. This shows that it is bad for the conquered countries.

There are always two sides to the same coin with each situation. The mother countries also faced many challenges with the conquered countries. The conquered countries often rebelled, causing death on both sides. The conquered countries also got some good from being conquered. They were protected and had peace with other countries, as shown in The Economic History of India Under Early British Rule. This shows that while one country had the good and one had the bad. Both countries faced at minimum a small amount of good or bad.

Imperialism while causing some amount of good in the conquered countries, was still a horrible situation for the country. Imperialism also caused impedance profits for the mother country. Most countries conquered did not get any good from it so it was bad for one country and good for another. This proves the point that imperialism causes good for one country with major problems for another.

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