Please help me this is due today and and no file
And please do not answer if don’t know DIRECTIONS: Answer the following questions about the
After reading the title, what do you think this poem will be about?
Shift: what phrase or pivotal word did you feel the tone shifts
“Abuelito Who” by Sandra Cisneros
Abuelito who throws coins like rain
and asks who loves him
who is dough and feathers
who is a watch and glass of water
whose hair is made of fur
is too sad to come downstairs today
who tells me in Spanish you are my diamond
who tells me in English you are my sky
whose little eyes are string
can’t come out to play
sleeps in his little room all night and day
who used to laugh like the letter k
is sick
is a doorknob tied to a sour stick
is tired shut the door
doesn’t live here anymore
is hiding underneath the bed
who talks to me inside my head
is blankets and spoons and big brown shoes
who snores up and down up and down up and down again
is the rain on the roof that falls like coins
asking who loves him
who loves him who?

1 Answer

  • Answer: Upon reading the Title "Abuelito who?" it makes me wonder, who's Abuelito? and who is the who referring too? Was it saying Abuelito who..... did something? It might be about an Abuelito who felt something or did something, it raises many questions.

    Hope this helps :)


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