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Summarize the Contribution to Civilization of islam
Subject = History

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  • One of the greatest Muslim contributions to civilization began in the 8th century when Muslim scholars inherited volumes of Greek philosophy. The wisdom in ancient Greece texts, which had been lost to Europeans, was translated from Latin to Arabic by Muslim scholars, thus creating one of the greatest transmissions of knowledge in world history.

  • The history of Islamic civilization is one of the most important fields of study of Islamic studies. Islamic history is events or events that really happened in the past that are entirely related to the religion of Islam. Islam is too broad in scope, so Islamic history has become a broad scope. Among them are related to the history of the process of growth, development, and the spread of Islam, figures who develop and spread Islam, the history of progress and setbacks achieved by Muslims in various fields, such as in the fields of religious and general sciences, culture, architecture, politics, government, war, education, economy, and so on. The History of Islamic Civilization is a product description of the activities of the life of the Islamic ummah in the past that originated in Islamic values.
    In the Classical period, only one government center (ie the Arabs) and for several centuries was very strong. The role of the Arabs was very dominant, so that the cultural expressions that existed were all expressed through Arabic, in the end they manifested a unity of Islamic culture which all in the form of Arabic.
    To distinguish the region of Arabic culture and Islamic culture can be reviewed by taking a concept that in Islam there is a collection of normative and Islamic dogmas in fact is a historical reality. Besides the normative conception and hostoris to determine Arabic culture and Islamic culture it is also possible to use the Ushul and Furu conception.
    Among historians there are differences of opinion about the time when the history of Islam began. Commonly used in the periodization of the history of Islamic civilization is divided into three periods namely, classical, mid and modern.

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