You are collecting data of your taco sales. The first day you sold 90 fish tacos. The second day you sold 86 fish tacos. The third day you only sold 82 fish tacos. Using this data, predict the amount of fish tacos you will sell over the next three days. Show your work.

2 Answer

  • Answer:

    on the 4th day you'll sell 78 fish tacos

    Step-by-step explanation:

    your going down by 4 each day

    hope this helps :)

    but who the heck still eats fish tacos

  • Every day you sell 4 fewer tacos.

    Day 1: 90
    Day 2: 86
    Day 3: 82
    Then they ask for what will sell for the next three days:
    Day 4: 78
    Day 5: 74
    Day 6: 70

    Have a good day!

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