While doing research on deep-sea vents, you discover a very simple new life form. After some initial analysis, you find that this life form contains small fragments of DNA, small complementary RNA fragments, and proteins. Fortuitously, you collected two strains, one that is purple and one that is yellow. You decide to attempt a transformation: seeing if you can covert the purple form into the yellow form. From which sample(s) would you find some yellow form

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  • Answer:

    The yellow form can exist in both the "live yellow" and "heat-killed purple" forms.


    To carry out these transformation tests; for example change of purple structure form into the yellow structure; DNA, RNA, and proteins will be confined from the yellow structure and infused to heat-killed purple structure each in turn in singular examinations. At the point when DNA will be changed into heat-killed purple structure form, it is changed over and converted to the yellow structure form. In this way, the yellow structure form can be acquired from live yellow just as heat-killed purple structure (changed with DNA or changing guideline from the yellow structure).


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