Bumble invented and patented a tree-trimming device that is basically a chain saw releasably mounted on the end of a telescoping pole. Bumble sued Hermie for patent infringement after Hermie introduced the Great Pole Saw, a chain saw releasable mounted on the end of a telescoping pole. Hermie showed that an invention such as the one at issue would have been obvious to a person of ordinary skill in the art when the invention was patented. This showing is known as ____________.

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  • Answer:

    prior art


    Prior art refers to certain knowledge that was obvious with or without a patent. In other words, it is like someone trying to patent the wheel, since people know about, know how it works, but no one has gotten a patent for it. If you go a patent office and try to look for the patent of a wheel, you will not find it, but that doesn't mean that if you patent it, you will successful defend your patent.


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