Prompt 2: Think back to a time where you experienced a new adventure. Write a personal narrative about how you felt in that moment? What was it like? Would you be willing to experience it again? Why or Why not?

Pls help asap pls

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    This is more of a personal question to you; you need to write this yourself, but I can certainly try to help you.

    I don't know if this is supposed to be a full essay or a paragraph, but just make sure you have a clear thesis. Try to be humble about yourself while writing.

    Some examples of possible "new adventures" may be:

    - how you fought through the first day of school

    - your first time in a new country

    - Your first time learning another language

    - Your first day in a sport team


    Make sure to stay on topic; don't go on side stories. Utilize rhetorical language for some pizazz if it is important (like I said, I don't know the nature of this assignment, but it sounds like a school entrance essay). If you have any other questions, comment it, and I'll try to help if I am still awake.

    Good Luck!

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    I couldnt put in an answer since it was innapropriate somehow.



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