If you knew that f(-4)=8, then what (x,y) coordinate point must lie on the graph of y=f(x)?

2 Answer

  • I believe it would be (-4, 8); because when x = -4, y = f(x) = 8.
  • If we know that f(-4) = 8, then what (x, y) point must lie on the graph y = f(x)?.

    The point is (-4, 8)

    For a given function y = f(x), all the points (x, y) on the graph are of the form:

    (x, y) = (x, f(x))

    So if we know that:

    f(-4) = 8

    Then we know that the point:

    (-4, f(-4))  = (-4, 8)

    Must lie on the graph of y = f(x)

    Then the correct answer is (-4, 8)

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