Isaac is using a drug that can be helpful to people who need it, but is harming his body. His motivation is to gain muscle for a sports team he wants to join. Which drug is Isaac most likely abusing?

A. Alcohol
B. Performance-enhancing drugs
C. Tobacco
D. Over-the-counter drugs

2 Answer

  • Isaac is most like using a. performance-enhancing drug to improve his abilities
  • Answer:

    B. Performance-enhancing drugs.


    Performance-enhancing drugs is well-known as doping. The use of these drugs is dangerous because they interfere with natural functions of the body, they can change hormones aspects, like testosterone, by increasing the number of it. The most used drugs to boost the performance are steroids which have several negative effects:

    • Drug dependence.
    • Severe acne.
    • Increase bad cholesterol.
    • Decreases good cholesterol.
    • Liver tumors and abnormalities.
    • Aggressive behaviour.

    Being the most common negative effect aggressive behaviour.