Kara is worried about her friend Jamie, who seems depressed and withdrawn. Jamie recently quit their softball team, which she used to love. She has started hanging out with a group of friends who are known for underage drinking. Kara wants to help Jamie, but she doesn't know how or where to look for resources. What is the best next step for Kara?

A. Start ignoring Jamie.
B. Talk to Jamie's new friends, whom she does not trust.
C. Try to forget about Jamie's problems.
D. Talk to her softball coach, whom she trusts.

2 Answer

  • D. Talk to her softball coach, whom she trusts.

  • Jamie is showing the symptoms of depression and is likely to be under a lot of stressed conditions. Kara can help her by talking to her softball coach. Thus, option D is correct.

    What is underage drinking?

    Underage drinking is an illegal case of teenagers drinking prohibited drinks like alcohol. In order to help Jamie, Kara can use the help of her Softball coach as Jamie had a deep trust in him.

    The trust will be useful to help and solve Jamie's problem as she will be able to confide her problems and issues more easily to them as she cannot talk to her parents about the same.

    Therefore, Jamie can be helped by her softball coach.

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