Match each disease to the correct pathogen type.

A. Virus
Yeast infection
B. Fungus
C. Protist

2 Answer

  • A. Virus - flu
    B. Fungus - yeast infection
    C. Protist - malaria
  • The correct answers are:

    A. Virus - Flu

    The flu is a virus that is spread through the contact of germs and bacteria on the skin or in saliva. There are many different variations of the flu. It is essentially a parasite in the body.

    B. Fungus - Yeast infection.

    A fungal infection is a type of infection found in the skin and is treated with anti-fungal treatments. A yeast infection is typically found in the vagina or penis skin caused by the fungus candida.

    C. Protist - Malaria

    A protist is a diverse group of organisms that are not animals, plants or fungi. A certain type of protist is the protozoa which is what causes the disease Malaria.