The Code of Hammurabi was the

a) first method of encoding communications during war.

b) first formal theory of agriculture.

c) first written set of laws.

d) first constitution granting people the right to vote.

2 Answer

  • The code of Hammurabi was the first set of laws
  • The correct answer is C. First written set of laws.


    Hammurabi (1810 B.C. - 1750 B.C.) was the sixth king of Babylon, who is known for writing the first code of laws for a civilization known as "The Hammurabi Code."

    This set of laws was composed of two hundred and eighty-two laws that were based on reciprocal justice or Talion Law, that is, that justice was exercised in the same way to those who did something wrong, for example, one of their best-known laws it is "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" in which it is expressed how justice should be exercised towards those who did wrong. Additionally, one of the outstanding characteristics was the presumption of innocence that people had that resulted in the opportunity to present evidence to prove their innocence. So, the correct answer is C. First written set of laws.