Which describes the electric forces inside an atom?

A. Gravitational forces are much stronger than electric forces.

B. Electric forces and gravitational forces are equal in this setting.

C. Electric forces are much stronger than gravitational forces.

2 Answer

  • the correct answer is C hope this helps a little

  • Answer:The correct answer is option C.


    Electrical forces are forces between the charge particles of different charges or of same charges.This type of force is termed as electrostatics forces.

    Like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract.They are dipole forces and stronger than the gravitational forces which only attracts and are monopole forces.

    Atom consist of protons and electrons with positive and negative charge respectively.The force between these subatomic particles are very stronger than the gravitational forces between these particles.This is due to very smaller masses of protons and electrons the gravitational force between them is very small.