Which factor does not affect the resistance of a material?

A. thickness

B. weight

C. length

D. temperature

2 Answer

  • the best answer is b

  • Answer: The correct answer is option B.


    Resistance is the property of the material which resists the flow of current.

    The expression for the resistance is as follows:

    [tex]R=\frac{\rho l}{A}[/tex]

    Here, [tex]\rho[/tex] is the density of the wire, l is the length of the wire and A is the area of the cross section of the wire.

    The resistance of the wire depends on the length of the wire, area of the cross section of the wire and the temperature.

    The thicker wire has less resistance. The thinner wire has more resistance.

    The longer wire has more resistance in comparison to the shorter wire in length. The resistance of the wire increases with increase in temperature.

    The resistance does not depend on the weight of the wire.

    Therefore, the correct option is weight.