Who decides to get rid of Gregor?

A. Gregor's mother
B. Grete
C. The tenants
D. Gregor's father

2 Answer

  • i think its b . grete 
  • The answer is B: Grete.

    In this story by the great writer, Franz Kafka, Gregor Samsa is turned into a horrible bug. This brings a lot of hardships, both for Gregor and his family.

    Grete, Samsa´s sister, after taking care of his brother for some time, grows tired and annoyed at the whole absurd situation that she is subjected to, and even though Samsa feels great love for his sister, and his sister for him, it is as if Samsa is no longer her brother and so, she decides it is time to get rid of him, as if Gregor was (and in fact, that is what he was by the end of the story) nothing more than a horrible bug that needed to be disposed of.