A rectangular yard is 10 feet long by 7 feet wide. what is the ratio of the width of the yard to the perimeter of the yard?

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  • Perimeter is defined as the closed path that surrounds or outlines the two-dimensional shape that can be rectangle, square, or another enclosed figure.

    The perimeter of a rectangle is calculated as:

    P = 2 (length + breadth)

    Given that:

    length = 10 feet

    breadth = 7 feet

    Perimeter  = 2 x (10 + 7)

    Perimeter = 2 x 17

    Perimeter = 34 feet.

    Ratio of perimeter to the width is:

    Perimeter: Width

    34 : 7 = Ratio

    Thus, the ratio of perimeter to width is[tex]\dfrac{34}{7}[/tex] .

    To know more about perimeter, refer to the following link: