The codon chart shown here uses the three base sequence found on the mrna molecule after the information is copied from dna during transcription. if the mrna message is aac uac ugc, what was the original dna base
a. aac tac tgc
b. uug aug acg
c. ttg atg acg
d. asn tyr cys

2 Answer

  • The answer is C. TTG ATG ACG
  • the right answer is c. ttg atg acg

    The genes carried by the DNA will be encoded in another form: messenger RNA, during a process called "transcription".

    The information contained in the genes will be used to make thousands of proteins involved in the functioning of the cell. The first step in the expression of a gene is to copy its information in the form of a molecule very close to DNA, ribonucleic acid or RNA.

    The main difference between DNA and RNA is the presence of an extra oxygen atom on each of the nucleotides of the RNA. This addition provides greater flexibility to the RNA, allowing it to fold on itself to form propellers. Due to its structural properties, RNA takes a wide variety of forms and ensures a variety of roles in the cell. DNA, on the other hand, is more static and stable, and its essential function is the storage of information in the form of a double-stranded helix. Another change: in RNA, thymine (T) is replaced by uracil (U).

    In the transcrption of DNA, the strand of the RNA formed is complementary to that of the DNA:

    * A is matched to the U

    * T is matched to A

    * C is paired with the G

    * G is paired with C