What is 8/10 minus 1/2?

1 Answer

  • 8/10-1/2
    You need to find a common denominator and that would be 20.
    You need to do 8*2=16 to find the first numerator.
    Then 10*1=10 to find the second one, so far we have
    16/20 - 10/20
    Then we keep the first fraction change the signto multiply and flip the second fraction to give:
    The things that are diagonal to each other we can simplify. For example 20รท20=1
    Fraction simplified:
    8/1 multiply 1/5
    Then we multiply 8 and 1 to give 8 and 5 and 1 to give 5.
    The final fraction is 8/5.
    If you want it as an improper fraction then it would be 1 whole and 3/5