What is the relationship between president calvin coolidge’s administration and big business in the 1920s?

2 Answer

  • Big businesses benefited from Coolidge's policies.
  • John Calvin Coolidge Jr. was the thirtieth president of the United States (1923-29). He was a Republican lawyer from Vermont, who began his political career in Massachusetts, the state of which he was governor. His reaction to the 1919 Boston police strike gave him national reputation and a reputation as a determined person. Shortly after he assumed the position of vice president, in 1920; He then assumed the Presidency of the country when President Warren G. Harding passed away in 1923.

    Believing in the freedom of enterprise, he refused to use federal power to improve the depressed condition of farmers and certain industries. One of the main problems was the projects to grant agricultural subsidies in an attempt to compensate the reduction of the prices of the agricultural products; Coolidge refused to approve such subsidies on the grounds that manipulating prices was a danger to the national economy, and rejected even more strongly the proposal that the federal government buy agricultural surpluses. Coolidge also showed a sincere interest in promoting laissez-faire in the American economy, rejecting government interventionism as much as possible, and reiterating that the country's economic growth experienced in the "roaring twenties" should be preserved through tax reductions, to thereby promote the industry and international trade.