Which best explains a reason for great zimbabwe's rise to power?

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    Zimbabwe was a highly productive agricultural society. 
    Fish from Zimbabwe were a staple food of East African people. 
    Zimbabwe's military was stronger than others in the region. 
    Zimbabwe controlled the region's ivory and gold trade. 

    I believe the correct answer is the second option. A eason for great zimbabwe's rise to power would be that fish from Zimbabwe were a staple food of East African people. 
  • A reason for great Zimbabwe's rise to power as that Zimbabwe controlled the region's ivory and gold trade.  

    Further Explanations:

    The Great Zimbabwe is positioned on the “Eastern Hills” of Zimbabwe close to the lake “Mutirikwe” and “Masvingo”. It is assumed that civilization originated in 11th century and continued in existence till the 15th century. They established “Masvingo” as its capital during the dawning of Iron Age. Being located on the waterway array the city rose to power as it controlled the areas rich in gold and ivory occupation.

    The societies of the realm were of ancestral Shona and extended for around 1,780 acres holding a populace of around 18,000 residents. UNESCO had acknowledged it as a “World Heritage” spot.  It is probable that Zimbabwe was royal abode for the local imperator and would have been the seat of political influence. The most cited feature of its towns was its five meters barrier constructed without filling that ultimately became the reason for the ruining of their empire.  

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