Which element is used in light bulbs as a fire?

2 Answer

  • The filament used in light bulb is Tungsten(W).. It's a metal with melting point of about 3300 °C.
  • "Fire" is exactly what you DON't want inside a light bulb.  If fire was
    burning in there, it would burn up the tiny wire that glows to make the
    light, and then there would be no more light from the bulb.

    Thomas Edison's biggest accomplishment in "inventing" the light bulb
    was to FIND a material that could be heated so hot that it would glow
    brightly and still NOT burn. 

    He tried hundreds of materials.  The one he finally settled on, and the
    one still used in incandescent bulbs today, is Tungsten ... Element #74,
    a metal that doesn't melt until it's heated to almost 6,200 degrees !