Which technological innovation was essential to stimulate the expansion of the gold-salt trade in west africa?

2 Answer

  • The choices can be found elsewhere and as follows:

    (1) lateen sail 
     (2) iron cannons 
    (3) camel caravans
    (4) moveable type

    I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is option 3. The  technological innovation that was essential to stimulate the expansion of the gold salt trade in west africa would be camel caravans. They were able to trade more.
  • One of the essential innovations in the expansion of gold-salt trade in africa was the use if camel caravan.

    Salt was a major export commodity from africa and this was largely exchanged for gold and other commodities.

    Camel Caravan trade in Africa

    Camels were the main means of transportation because they were used to carry goods and people.

    Large camel caravans were essential because they offered protection from bandits and raiders. By their large numbers, it was safer to transport gold and salt through the use of caravans.

    A typical caravan would be made up of about 1,000 camels with some larger caravans had over 10,000 camels.

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