While dna in a human cell was being replicated, a single base was miscopied. what will most likely be the result for the cell in which it happened?

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  • Mutation I presume ??
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    The options to this question are missing, they are:

    A) All the proteins the cell creates from the miscopied strand will do different jobs than the old ones.

    B) Any miscopied DNA will be replaced with an accurate DNA copy once the cell divides.

    C) Both new DNA strands will end up together in a new cell, and the inaccurate one will be discarded.

    D) If the new sequence codes for the same amino acid as the original cell, it will function normally.



    What occured to this cell replicating its DNA is called MUTATION, which is a change (small or big) in the nucleotide sequence of a DNA. The miscopied base will alter the nucleotide sequence of the DNA. Since a single base is involved, it is referred to as a POINT MUTATION.

    A point mutation, such as the one in this case, can produce varying effects in the resulting organism. The mutation can either lead to a different protein in that particular sequence the mutation occured or have no effect on the organism.

    The mutation will have no effect on the organism in a case where the base that was miscopied produced a codon that codes for the same amino acid as the original codon. Hence, the same protein will be produced and have both effect on the cell. This is possible because of the degenerate nature of the genetic code, as more than one codon codes for a given amino acid.