Why does goodall begin her argument by acknowledging that many people dislike insects? how does this order of ideas develop her claim?

2 Answer

  • For the answer to the question above, the idea is that this hopelessness stops people from acting, so Goodall decided to present some success stories, in hopes that people will see a difference can still be made for a lot of species that appear to be in a dire situation. 
  • Jane Goodall starts her book "Hope for Animals and Their World" by acknowledging that many people dislike insects. The main purpose of this statement is to connect with her audience. By telling us that she realizes insects are not very liked, she tells us that she understands us. Moreover, she presents herself as reliable and understanding, which increases the likelihood that people will listen to her opinion. Finally, this brings attention to the plight of animals who are not as liked or as popular, such as insects.