Write a dialogue on what can an ordinary citizen can do to save environment?

2 Answer

  • Ideas:
    reuse old things
    donate to charity shops
    use bio degradable products such as card instead of plastic
    take your own bags to the supermarket
    use the bus or walk instead of using a car
    be energy efficient so turn things off when not in use
    energy saving light bulbs
    conserve water e.g take shorter showers, turn the tap off then brushing your teeth
    make a compost heap for old vegetables
  • Well we could start off by getting two characters, maybe Joe and Jane. Jane is eating her sandwich as is Joe. Joe decides to throw his wrapper on the ground because he missed the trash can. "Joe you should pick that up, it's loitering" Jane advised. "Why it's not like it is going to hurt anyone" Joe replied. "Your wrong it hurts everyone a trashy environment can hurt everyone and everything that lives" Jane informed. "Okay I'll pick it up" Joe said. This is a small ordinary example of a dialogue regarding how citizens can help save the environment.