Your car averages 380 miles on a 14-gallon tank of gas. you run out of gas on a deserted highway, but have a half gallon of lawn mower gas with you. at the current rate of travel, how far will you be able to go and will you reach the nearest gas station 15 miles away?

2 Answer

  • 380/14= 27.14 miles per gallon
    27.14/2=13.57 miles
    they wont reach the gas station
  • Answer:

    [tex]13.57 \\[/tex] miles

    The car would not reach the gas station

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Car can travel [tex]380\\[/tex] mile on a [tex]14\\[/tex] gallon tank of gas

    Distance traveled per gallon [tex]= \frac{380}{14} \\= 27.14\\[/tex]

    lawn mover gas remaining [tex]= \frac{1}{2} \\[/tex] gallon

    Distance traveled  from the remaining [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex] gallon gas

    [tex]= \frac{1}{2} * 27.14 \frac{miles}{gallon}\\= 13.57 \\[/tex] miles only

    Thus the car would not reach the gas station.