What is one of the best ways to improve sentence flow in an essay?
A. combine related sentences with transitional words
B. begin all sentences in the same way
C. make sentences a similar length
D. write only complex sentences

2 Answer

  • the correct answer is A
  • The correct answer is A. Combine related sentences with transitional words


    In writing the word flow refers to the way ideas and sentences in paragraphs during a text are correctly connected forming a unit. This means a text that flows in one in which the reader feels that the ideas go in a smooth and desirable way which makes the reader understand the text better and enjoy the process of reading. Additionally, text and sentence flow depends on multiple factors including the way topic sentences which are the first sentences in a paragraph are constructed; the use of clear and concise language; avoiding repetition of words in sentence and paragraphs and most important the appropriate of words and phrases or transitions that connect and combine ideas, sentences, and paragraph which guarantees all the parts and connected and the reader can go from one to another without having a gap or disruption that breaks the flow of the text. Considering this the best way to improve sentence flow in an essay is the use of transitional words to combine and connect sentences.