Chromosomes, which contain DNA, have several functions. All BUT ONE of these statements is a function of chromosomes. A) Chromosomes determine the traits of an organism. B) Chromosomes provide instructions to make proteins. C) Chromosomes determine the gender of an individual. D) Chromosomes help an organism produce usable energy

2 Answer

  • The correct answer is 

    D) Chromosomes help an organism produce usable energy

    Chromosomes do not, in any way, help and organism produce usable energy.
  • Answer: The correct option is D) Chromosomes help an organism produce usable energy.  

    Chromosomes are the thread like structures made from the packaging of the nucleic acid DNA. They are localized in the nucleus of most living organisms.

    Chromosomes do not help an organism to produce usable energy.

    Rather they provide instructions to make proteins in the form of genes ( segment of DNA providing information for protein). Proteins are therefore used in determining traits of an organism. Chromosomes are also used in determining gender of an individual. For instance, the presence of Y chromosome determine the male sex and XX determines the female sex amongst human.

    Thus, option D) is not the right function of chromosomes.