Sabina had 40$. She paid d dollars for lunch and 0.5d dollars for a snack. Which expression represents the amount of money Sabina has left?

A. 40 + 1.5d
B. 40 x 1.5d
C. 40 - 1.5d
D. 40 / 1.5d

2 Answer

  • C. 40 - 1.5d is the correct expression which represents the amount of money Sabina has left.

    $40 is what she started with, and she paid d (or, 1d) for lunch, and then 0.5d for a snack. 1d + 0.5d = 1.5d. That's how much she spent, so you take it away from 40, therefore C is the correct option.
  • C. is the correct answer because you can see the clue word "left". LEFT is a clue word that gives you a clue that you need to subtract. So subtraction would be the correct operation.