Freddy is helping buy ingredients for salads for the school spaghetti dinner. He bought 10 pounds of onions at $0.69 per pound, 100 pounds of tomateos at $0.99 pounds, 1,000 pounds of bread crumbs at $0.09 per pound, and 100 pounds of lettuce at $0.69 per pound. Which of the things he bought cost the most?

1 Answer

  • Hey there,

    Answer: Tomatoes 

    If you multiply 10 x 0.69 (for onions) it would be 6.9
    If you multiply 100 x 0.99 (for tomatoes) it would be 99
    Lastly, if you multiply 100 x 0.69 (for lettuce) if would be 69

    Which are the most? Tomatoes.

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