Cells have specific organelles with different structures and functions. Can you compare the mitochondria and chloroplast in terms of function?

2 Answer

  • the chloroplast is found only in plant cells. it is the organelle that conducts photosynthesis, but mitochondria are known as the PowerHouse of the cell, and store energy.
  • Chloroplast and Mitochondria are organelles found in the cells of living organisms and perform functions vital for the cell to live.

    Mitochondria are composed of two membranes.

    An outer membrane covers the organelle like a skin, protecting it.An inner membrane, that is folded over again and again to create a layered structure called crista, which is studded with proteins. The fluid inside these folds is called the matrix.

    Chloroplasts are very similar to mitochondria, but are found only in the cells of plants and some algae. Like mitochondria, chloroplasts produce food for their cells. Chloroplasts help turn sunlight into food that can be used by the cell, a process known as photosynthesis.

    the chloroplast has an inner and outer membrane. Inside those membranes are its different parts, which include thylakoids and stroma. A stack of thylakoids is called a grana (pl. granum).

    Chlorophyll molecules on the thylakoids capture sunlight and begin the process of photosynthesis. The molecules created by this reaction then move to the stroma, which synthesizes the sugars and “fixes” the CO2