How does neural transmission compare to endocrine signal transmission?

2 Answer

  • Neural transmission:
    1) is transmitted by neurones.
    2) quick response
    3) involves neurones
    4) short lived
    5) may be voluntary or involuntary
    6) usually localised

    Endocrine signal transmission:
    1) transmitted by blood
    2) usually slow responses
    3) involves hormones
    4) may be short lived or long lived
    5) involuntary
    6) may affect more than one target organ
  • The best way to compare the nervous system and the endocrine system is to compare the characteristics of speed, specificity and plasticity (abilityto respond and change permanently, particularly with respect to strength and speed.) The nervous system uses rapid electrical signals along nerve axons.Chemical signals are used between nerve cells at synapses. Although this chemical transmission is slower than electrical transmission, synapses are important in transmission between nerve cells. The endocrine system uses hormones, which are secreted into and transported to their target cells via the circulation of blood. Due to the delay of circulation, hormonal responses.