While preparing some chicken wings for cooking you observe white fibers connecting the bones and the muscles to bone. What type of fibers are these?.

1 Answer

  • These fibres are called the connective tissue fibres.

    Connective tissues bind structures together, form framework and support for organs and the body as a whole.

    It is characterized by an abundance of intercellular matrix with relatively few cells.

    There are different types of connective tissue which include:

    • loose connective tissue,
    • adipose tissue
    • fibrous connective tissue
    • elastic connective tissue
    • cartilage,
    • osseous tissue and
    • blood.

    The specific type of connective tissue that connects bones to bones and muscles to bones is the fibrous connective tissue. Example is the tendons.

    Therefore, the white fibres are called connective tissue fibres.

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