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Your company is building a new architecture to support its data-centric business focus. You are responsible for setting up the network. Your company's mobile and web-facing applications will be deployed on-premises, and all data analysis will be conducted in GCP. The plan is to process and load 7 years of archived .csv files totaling 900 TB of data and then continue loading 10 TB of data daily. You currently have an existing 100-MB internet connection. What actions will meet your company's needs

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  • The actions will meet your company's needs is to Lease a Transfer Appliance, upload archived files to it, and send it to oogle to transfer archived data to Cloud Storage.

    Data centric is simply known to be an architecture where data is said to be of primary and permanent asset, and applications is temporary.

    • Businesses is all about functionality, and as such, firms often buys or build application systems.

    Each application system is known to have its own unique data model, and its code is often linked with the data model used.

    Conclusively, Transferring large datasets needs manpower that is the right team, planning early, and testing your transfer plan before its use.


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