what is the name of the shift that occurred in the mid-20th century in response to the behaviorist movement, and instead focused on thoughts and feelings and concepts like perception, attention, and memory?

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    the cognitive revolution


  • The cognitive revolution took place in the mid-20th century, which focused on the concepts such as perception, memory, behavior, and attention.

    The cognitive revolution caused the shift in the mid-20th century as:

    1. Cognitive psychology was used to implement the scientific method to human cognition. It was done by designing experiments.

    2. Cognitive revolution bridged the space between the real world and the world of ideas or concepts.

    3. The cognitive revolution is believed to be a result of a mutation that occurred 40,000 years ago, which caused the way people think, perceive, and behave.

    Thus, a cognitive revolution led to the understanding human brain and how they perceive, interpret, and think.

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