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what programming language supports relational databases?

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  • A programming language that supports relational databases is SQL (Structured Query Language)

    Structured Query Language (SQL), is the principal method for communicating with Relational Databases.

    A relational database is a group of data elements that are linked together by predefined connections. These elements are laid up in the form of a series of tables containing columns and rows.

    • Tables are utilized for storing┬ádata about the items that will be displayed in the database.
    • A column in a database contains a specific type of data, whereas a field records the actual value of an attribute.
    • The table's rows indicate a collection of linked values for a single item or entity.

    Each entry in a database can be assigned a unique identity known as a primary key, and rows from other tables can be linked together via foreign keys. This data may be accessible in a variety of ways without having to reorganize the database tables itself.

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