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Discuss the differences between race and ethnicity using the AAA statement on race. Given this, why do people in the U.S. often confuse these two terms

1 Answer

  • Differences between race and ethnicity according to the AAA statement are used in a conditioned way by the public and scholars, as race is related to physical differences, while ethnicity is related to cultural identification.

    According to the AAA statement on race, race has been used as an ideology capable of generating prejudice and instituting ideas about the characteristics of certain groups.

    The statement shows that there is no racial separation between humans, as scientific evidence shows that racial groupings are different from others in only 6% of genes, while physical variation within the same race has a variation of 94%.

    It is therefore concluded that there is more variation in physical characteristics within the same race than outside it, as the sharing of genetic material from the crossing of different human groups has always kept humanity as a single species.

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