Home Burial
PART B: Which TWO quotes from the poem best support the answers to Part A?

1 Answer

  • The TWO quotes from the poem, "Home Burial" that supports the answers to Part A are:

    B. “A man must partly give up being a man / With women-folk.” (Lines 52-53)

    F. No, from the time when one is sick to death, One is alone, and he dies more alone. (Lines 104-105)

    From Part A, the TWO answers that best depict the central themes in the poem are "grief" and "gender".

    The poem "Home Burial" depicts a home that undergoes:

    • grieve due to the loss of their child.
    • mental breakdown
    • a disturbed marriage.

    "Home Burial" is a poem by Robert Lee Frost. It reveals how a man and his wife grief over the loss of their son and the tension it created between them. This made them to struggle to understand each other.

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