Write three body paragraphs for an essay arguing that either the UNIA or the NAACP was more successful at improving the lives of Black people in the early 20th century. Each paragraph should include a topic sentence, at least three supporting detail sentences, and a concluding sentence. Your paragraphs should focus on:

1. The UNIA's goals and successes

2. The NAACP's goals and successes

3. Which organization was more successful in improving the lives of Black people and why

This section is worth 18 points.

2 Answer

  • UNIA was formed by Marcus Garvey and it was founded for the advancement of the people that had African ancestry around the world.

    The main goal of UNIA was to establish numerous components and seek easy to improve the lives of Africans all over the world. The organization set up several small businesses that were owned by blacks.

    NAACP means the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It was put in place in order to advance justice for African Americans.

    In conclusion, both organizations were successful in improving the lives of Black people.

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  • The UNIA was formed by Marcus Garvey in 1913. His goal was to promote the welfare of Black communities. He argued that Black people would be better off strengthening their own communities and businesses. In New York City, the UNIA provided Black history classes and job training, and advertisements for Black-owned businesses.

    The NAACP was formed by W.E.B Du Bois and a group of activists in 1909. Their goal was to ensure political, educational, social and economic equality in the United States. Allowing equality among the races. They fought to stop discrimination and violence and to secure voting rights.

    One of the UNIA’s goals was to transport Blacks back to Africa using the Black Star Line as they believed equality would not be achieved in the United States. However the shipping company was never completed and Garvey was deported to Jamaica, his native land. Because of this, this makes the NAACP more successful, though UNIA was influential to the advancement of Black Nationalism.

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