B. Pretend to be an author and then, think of details that would support the gian Write your answer on the space provided. Write your own point of view in the person point of view then, interview or ask someone within your family arouse010 to get the second and third-person point of view. 1. Banning of Mobile Legends in the Philippines Use the first-person point of view. Use the second-person point of view. Use the third-person point of view.‚Äč

1 Answer

  • The above question wants to analyze your reading and writing ability. For this reason, it is not correct for me to write the answer for you, but I will show you how to write it.

    First, you should read the text your question refers to, research the information contained in that text, and reflect on your opinions on that information.

    These opinions are your point of view on the subject and you should create them after doing a thorough reading of the subject.

    After that, you should write your answer as follows:

    • Present a brief introduction to the subject covered in the text.
    • Present your point of view.
    • Show textual evidence and data that proves your point of view is correct.

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