Select the two correct answers to this please!
Select the two correct answers to this please!

1 Answer

  • After reading the options, we can select the following two to support the main idea that there were fewer opportunities for African Americans to receive an education and find good jobs when Katherine was young:

    2. Though Katherine graduated with honors with a math degree in 1937, she was not hired to work for NACA until 1953.

    3. Katherine and her siblings had to move 120 miles away in order to attend high school.

    We are looking for evidence that supports the idea that African Americans did not have plenty of education and job opportunities.

    We can readily eliminate options 1 and 4 since they do not directly relate to the idea we are trying to support.

    Option 2 is correct because it shows that, despite graduating with honors, being an African American prevented Katherine Johnson from getting the job for a long time.

    Option 3 is also correct because it shows that, in order to receive an education, an African American family such as Katherine's would often have to relocate to far away.

    With that in mind, we can choose numbers 2 and 3 as the best options.

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