Jenna has a cube with a volume of 5 cubic inches. If each dimension of the cube is tripled , what will be the volume of the enlarged cube?

2 Answer

  • [tex]\\ \sf\longmapsto V=5in^3[/tex]

    [tex]\\ \sf\longmapsto side^3=5[/tex]

    [tex]\\ \sf\longmapsto side=\sqrt[3]{5}[/tex]

    [tex]\\ \sf\longmapsto side=2.2in[/tex]

    Side gets tripled

    • New side=2.2(3)=6.6in

    [tex]\\ \sf\longmapsto Volume=6.6^3[/tex]

    [tex]\\ \sf\longmapsto Volume=287.4in^3[/tex]

  • Answer:

    • 135 in³

    Step-by-step explanation:

    If the side of the cube is s and volume is 5 and you triple the side then:

    • V₁ = s³ = 5

    The enlarged cube has the volume:

    • V₂ = (3s)³ = 3³*s³= 27s³ = 27*5 = 135 in³