1. What is cultural control? What are the practices done in this approach? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cultural control. 
2. Do you think cultural approach is an effective approach in managing pest? Justify your answer
3. What is the significance of sanitation in pest management? What are the advantages of this approach?​

1 Answer

  • 1.a.In agriculture cultural control is the practice of modifying the growing environment to reduce the prevalence of unwanted pests. Examples include changing soil pH or fertility levels, irrigation practices, amount of sunlight, temperature, or the use of beneficial animals or insects.

    1.b. Cultural control is using the production or utilization methods of a commodity with a concern for insect management. Cultural control practices are usually multipurpose technical procedures that create environments that either avoid high-risk situations for infestations or develop unfavorable conditions for pests.

    1.c.Simplicity and low cost are the primary advantages of cultural control tactics, and disadvantages are few as long as these tactics are compatible with a farmer's other management objectives (high yields, mechanization, etc.).